about us

Mission Statement & Goals

InnerLandscapes Dance Theater (ILDT) is a dance collective of artists who each create works from a women's point of view. The members of ILDT are committed to art as a testimony to human ingenuity, its vast importance in communication, growth and cultural understanding, and the view that in order to shape an artistic future one needs to nurture their artistic present.

ILDT is committed to a unique alliance of theater, dance, music, video art. The company presents works that depict the complex layers of human experience, particularly those events and encounters that lead to an inner transformation. Although each of the artists speaks with a distinct voice and comes from different backgrounds, they share a common vision — one dedicated to experimenting and creating new forms of expression.

Company History

Nomi Bachar produced and presented her works for several years in New York City. In 1997, she invited other artists to collaborate and create evenings of theater and dance. They presented Journeys to the Known at Raw Space Theater in New York City. It became clear to Nomi and the other artists involved, that working together made the organizational tasks of producing the concert less burdensome, therefore. increasing the quality of the work.

With the success of their first collaboration, the group of artists named the collective InnerLandscapes Dance Theater. In 1998, InnerLandscapes presented, Glass Skin at Raw Space Theater. The artistic success of this endeavor reinforced the groups decision to continue working together and in December 2001 ILDT presented and evening titled Exit In at Cunningham Studio. In 2002, ILDT presented Unbearable Light, works affected by the events of September 11th. In 2003, the group presented their most ambitious program to date Love Notes/Death Threats, a multi-media event featuring live music, video projection, and audience participation with sold-out performances. For the 2004 season, IL was selected to present Evidence of Light at the Joyce Soho, having guest dancers from the Martha Graham Company, Elizabeth Auclair and Martin Lofsnes. In 2005, Radiant Imprints was performed at Merce Cunningham Studio, featuring composer Bruce Lazarus and video artist, Chiaki Watanabe. InnerLandscapes last performance, Feminine Impact, showcased highly theatrical forms of contemporary dance, and works that dealt with the triumph of the female spirit despite cultural or societal obstacles. To see reviews and productions details visit the productions page.