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Kathryn Sullivan danced professionally with the Boston Ballet, Les Grands Ballet Canadians, and Les Ballet de Nancy. She has taught at the LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, New Jersey Ballet, Interlochen Music and Dance Camp, and for Professional Dance Teachers Association and Dance Masters of America. For eight years she worked for the New York City Ballet's Education Department, designing and presenting ballet workshops in public schools.

She currently teaches at STEPS on Broadway and is on the faculty at New York University and Barnard College. She also teaches master classes and judges for several dance teachers' associations, including Dance Master of America. Her choreography has been presented at Joyce Soho, Dumbo Arts Festival, New Choreographers on Pointe, STEPS Beyond Showcases, Barnard's Miller Theater, Raw Space Theater, 92nd St. Y and Cunningham Studio.


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At Home
Melia Watras
Music and text, and obsessive/compulsive behavior.

pictured at left: Betina Hershey.

Blind Blake Blues
Arthur Blake
Songs of "Blind Blake" takes its travelers through various moods and situations.

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music by Kronos Quartet
Investigates three types of fear and how to escape its grasp.

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Home Shopping
commentary on consumerism the mentality.
soundtrack from television: Home Shopping Network’s QVS, HSN, VAL.

click image to see enlarged photo. pictured at left: Jessica Perez, Natalie Wodnicka, Danielle Welch.

Jack Gets Up
music by Leo Kottke
Going beyond the monotony of daily routine.

pictured at left: Mary Wadkins

Runway: It’s a Long Way to Ourselves
sometimes appearances are misleading
formatted as a fashion show, the models reveal more about themselves than we expect.
live video projection & driving music: JUSTLANDED “TamDaDam.”

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Femme Debout
vocals by Anne Martin
Woman struggles to resolve dilemma.

pictured at left: Anne Owen

music by Hildegard von Bingen
Change is not always for the better.

pictured at left: Yukiko Sumiya

Simply Benched
A playful romp of self absorption in one's self-made depression. Song: Anne Martin.

pictured at left: Lynne Halliday, Riko Hase, Mary Wadkins.

Three Women*
Archetypes of maiden, mother, and mentor are reflected in the relationship of the three generations of women, as well as being part of all women from all times.

original music: Bruce Lazarus
artwork: Wendy Mark
spoken text: Susan Cameron
vocals: Lynne Halliday

pictured: Pauline Chalamet, Nicole Flender-Chalamet, Enid Flender, Emi Kitamura, Mayuko Takayama, Janet White, Natalia Wodnicka

Veiled by Kathryn Sullivan

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music collage and visuals: Greg Ottmar, Kathryn Sullivan
women’s costume: Yana Schnitzler
men’s costume: Kathryn Sullivan
Inspired by My Forbidden Face by Latifa.

A young woman struggles to maintain her freedom and dignity despite repression.
Special thanks to Yana Schnitzler (Human Kinetics) for her creative input.

pictured are the performers: Iris Wilson, with Joshua Ekblom, Daniel Gaitan, Marcos Vedoveto, and Renzo Vitteri

Yidel mitn Fiedel and other favorites

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music: “Music excerpts from the Yiddish Radio Project” (archival recordings from Yiddish radio soundtrack to the award – winning NPR documentary series)
slide projections of paintings: Harriet Alter and Charles Parker (Joe and Paul)
A tribute to the Yiddish language and to those traditions that are rapidly disappearing.

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photos: by Ellen Crane or *Julie Lemberger

upcoming performances:


other work:

April 2005 - commission for Barnard College Dance Dept. Ballet Scenes

May 2005 - STEPS Faculty Show, Ballet Scenes, music Bruce Lazarus

April. 2004 - Vertigo, STEPS Faculty Show, with music by Paul Schoenfield

Nov. 2003 - STEPS Dancers Over 40, excerpts from, Yidel mitn Fiedel

August 2003 - Femme Debout, STEPS Experimental Lab

April 2003 - Home Shopping, STEPS Experimental Lab.

Jan. 2003 - Friday's at Noon, 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance, Blind Blake Blues, Home Shopping.

June 22 & 23, 2002 - Blind Blake Blues, Broadway Dance Center.

April 26-28, 2002 - Created new work Fleeting Moments for Steps Faculty Show.

Mar. 2002 - At Home - Dancers Over 40 presentation at Doris Duke Studio on 42nd Street.

Mar. 2002 - At Home - "On the 6th Floor" Ballet Arts Showcase.

Oct. 2001 - Steps Beyond Showcase - created a new ballet piece Carnevalle for STEPS scholarship students.

Dec. 2001 - St. Marks Church - Carnevalle - as part as Dancers Responding to Aids Benefit.

press clippings

Sullivan's “Illusion" (was) the most powerful work on the program... Sullivan's
group work, "Three Women" very clearly demonstrated the notion of
connectedness among three generations of women....kudos to Pauline
Chalamet for her flawless ballet dancing in the role of the young
child. — Backstage Lisa Jo Sagolla

evidence of light: “Ms. Sullivan's Femme Debout (Woman Standing) was a brief but vivid solo in which Rachel Grisi struggled to stand tall and reach high. And Ms. Sullivan sent dancers happily cavorting in her Yidel Mitn Fiedel and other favorites.”  — Jack Anderson, The New York Times

“The best ballets are often those in which the choreographer and the performers are steeped in the technique and conventions of the dance form but then seemingly abandon them. That held true in To The Pointe, a program of six new and recent ballets presented…at the Church of the Holy Trinity.… Carol Knopf's joy in performing was infectious in Kathryn Sullivan's Tango Studies II, whose cast also included Dianne Duffey and Janet White.”
—  Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

“Kathryn Sullivan has conceived provocative intentions with her Tango Studies II. The dramatic contortions of a tango were performed by Carol Knopt. Dianne Duffey and Janet White soon joined Knopt in aspects of traditional Spanish dance, and the three concluded with some spoofing of the form by utilizing fans and shawls. As one of my cousins would say, ‘Good show.’”  — Jennie Schulman, Dance Diary, Backstage

“‘Blind Blake Blues’ by Kathryn Sullivan is whimsical and sweet. Three women in identical skirt suits and platinum blond wigs begins the dance, wielding suitcases. As the piece progresses we see that these identical women are by no means the same beneath their shiny facades. Utilizing some amusingly quick footwork to upbeat blues music, the piece picks up the pace of the program.”
— Liz Belton, New York Dance Fax