At Home
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music / viola: Melia Watras
text: various monologues
music & text & obsessive/compulsive behavior.

Blind Blake Blues
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music: Arthur Blake
Songs of “Blind Blake” takes its travelers through various moods and situations.

Divine Beggar
conceived, choreographed & text: Nomi Bachar
assistant director: Kim Dilts
music: J.S. Bach: Concerto BWV971, Astor Piazzolla: Viloentango, Reynaldo Hahn: “Si mes vers avaient des ailes”
“Ms. Divine, a symbol of life’s loving and joyous energy, gives birth to a woman so that men and women can discover love. Will they?”

Dr. Love
conceived, choreographed & text: Nomi Bachar
music: Lucy Morganstern (violin) and JustLanded
video: art Ali Demirel
costumes: Beata Kowal and Nomi Bachar

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music: Terry Riley, as played by the Kronos Quartet
costumes by: Kathryn Sullivan

Femme Debout
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
vocals / music: Anne Martin.

A woman caught in a dilemma, unable to act, struggles to set herself free.

Home Shopping
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
sound: Home Shopping Network’s QVS, HSN, VAL
commentary on obsessive consumerism

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music: Hildegard Von Bingen, original composition by: Richard Souther

A young woman contemplates her self-image with disdain, decided to transform herself, only to find dissatisfaction in what she has done.

Jack Gets Up
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music by: Leo Kottke

Going beyond the monotony of daily routine.

written, choreographed & directed: Nomi Bachar
costume and set design: Nomi Bachar
video art: Robert Federico
music: Shastro
sound design: Doug Smith
Based on a true story about a young man who traveled to Thailand, and there bought a fourteen year old girl from her brother for a week for $1,000. The week began with him having sex with her, and escalated to rape, physical and emotional abuse. The piece explores the torment of victim and victimizer.

Living Room

conceived and choreographed: Nomi Bachar
music and text: Chava Alberstein
sound arrangement: Alex Bezgin

Mary Magdalene
conceived & performed by: Nomi Bachar
text by: Kahlil Gibran
choreographed & directed by: Nomi Bachar & Jessica Moss
music: excerpts from "Passion" by: Peter Gabriel, sound design: Paul Fejko
costume & set: Jennifer Bright-Bill.
When Jesus rose early on that first day of the week, he appeared first of all to Mary of Magdala, from whom he had driven out seven evil spirits. — Mark, Chapter 16th, New Testament

May I Live
‘ May I live all the days of my life free of fear
conceived, choreographed & text: Nomi Bachar
music, ancient Hebrew prayer, words: Hana Shenesh
video: art Ali Demirel
costumes: Beata Kowal

Runway: It’s a Long Way to Ourselves
choreography & text: Kathryn Sullivan
music: JUSTLANDED “TamDaDam”
video artist: Sebastion Mujica
sometimes appearances are misleading

Simply Benched
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
song/music: Anne Martin
A playful romp of self absorption in one's self-made depression.

written: Nomi Bachar
conceived & choreographed: Nomi Bachar
costumes & make-up: Lejka Sievert
sound design: Bruce Tovsky

The Telephone Call
conceived by: Nomi Bachar, text: Dorothy Parker
direction & choreography: Nomi Bachar, assisted by: Kristin Pontz
sound by: Bruce Tovsky, theme song: "Come, Come", lyrics by: Rumi, music by: Zuleikha - BAM registered copyright, arranged & produced by: Jeff Olmsted, vocalist: Lee Anne Hutchison, set concept: Nomi Bachar & Alejandra Munizaga, costume designer: Simone Clarke.

Transparent Weights
conceived, choreographed & text: Nomi Bachar
music (flute): Nina Spiro
sound design: Doug Smith
costume: Natasha von Rosenschilde
video art: Chiaki Watanabe
photographs: Taylor Hallman
Weights we harbor within our soul and our journey to shed them and come to our lightness.

Three Women*
choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
original music: Bruce Lazarus
artwork: Wendy Mark
costumes: Kathryn Sullivan
Archetypes of maiden, mother, and mentor are reflected in the relationship of the three generations of women, as well as being part of all women from all times.

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music collage and visuals: Greg Ottmar, Kathryn Sullivan
women’s costume: Yana Schnitzler
men’s costume: Kathryn Sullivan
Inspired by My Forbidden Face by Latifa.
A young woman struggles to maintain her freedom and dignity despite repression.
Special thanks to Yana Schnitzler (Human Kinetics) for her creative input.

Yidel mitn Fiedel and other favorites

choreography: Kathryn Sullivan
music: “Music excerpts from the Yiddish Radio Project”
(archival recordings from Yiddish radio soundtrack to the award – winning NPR documentary series)
slide projections of paintings: Harriet Alter and Charles Parker (Joe and Paul)
A tribute to the Yiddish language and to those traditions that are rapidly disappearing.


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